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October 12, 2008 / merlisser

The teaser post

This weekend was one of those crazy busy weekends.  Now that it’s Sunday, I don’t even have time to write about it all. I will, however, give you a little list of tidbits

  1. Yes Virginia, I did get my Race for the Cure on.  There are pictures. There are LOTS of pictures.
  2. I met Lisa and the “Team Fabulous Crew” Friday night and we had a Rowdy dinner at La Hacienda.  Those servers will tell their grandkids about that night.  The raspberry margaritas at that place are orgasms in a glass.  Yes they are.
  3. I went to see Hillary Clinton speak at a rally on Friday afternoon. I love me some Hillary Rodham Clinton.  You’ll just have to disagree with me on this one.  It was quite an enthusiastic crowd. My only gripe is that people here still seem to want to have some 3 feet of personal space while standing watching a speech. Hello, this is a rally. It’s like a rock concert. You got to squish up to see the stage.  Oh and if you’re so stinky that you don’t want people right next to you, three feet isn’t going to help much either.
  4. I ran seven miles today as was necessary for me to keep up with the Little Rock marathon training program. I guess I’m going to do this thing.  This seven miles was a lot harder than the six miles last week. i’m assuming it has to do with the fact I did so much this weekend and didn’t get enough sleep.

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