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December 11, 2008 / merlisser

Something that pisses me off.

From Jezebel

A new study in Psychology of Women Quarterly explores the double-edged sword of being both female and ambitious. Women who, like men, approached job interviews with confidence and ambitious were, like men, viewed by interviewers as “highly competent.” Unlike men, they were also seen as lacking in social skills… a reason often used for not hiring them. Of course, women who displayed modesty and cooperativeness were viewed as less competent, and not hired for that reason. Men were more likely to get hired than either type of woman. [Eureka Alert]

I don’t even know where to begin. Of course, we saw this play out in the public sphere with Hillary Clinton and even, Sarah Palin.

Yes I have seen this play out. Throw in the need to be a “southern lady” into the mix and you got a hot mess of fuck. And yes it’s not a good thing.

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