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December 22, 2008 / merlisser

baby Jesus is creeping me out.

Our small town, like all small towns located on the Bible Belt in America, has a nativity scene. Our nativity scene is located on the town square on Main street.

The town square

The town square is set up so that if you’re turning left, you will pass right by the nativity scene. You get a close up view.

the nativity scene on the town square

Look isn’t it cute. There’s Mary and Joseph. The wise men are all around but wait. What is that?!

baby Jesus in the nativity scene on the town square.

Is that Baby Jesus? What is up with that hair? All that hair. I have never seen any baby that with much hair? and the Divine style drawn eyebrows. Okay they’re not that high but seriously, drawn and penciled in eyebrows. Oh no. Not on baby Jesus. And the way his arms are stretched out like he’s going to grab me if I lean in too close. And that little mouth.

There’s something about this baby Jesus that creeps me out. It sends shivers up my spine. I don’t know why exactly but it creeps me out. It’s also tiny compared to the others. Baby Jesus would be a super duper premie.

I’ve even joked about stealing this baby Jesus so the city would have to buy a replacement a baby Jesus. ugh.


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  1. Bellesouth / Dec 23 2008 1:09 pm


  2. Ady / Dec 23 2008 2:57 pm

    That is terrible! But what would they DO to you if you got caught stealing Jesus?!?

  3. merlisser / Dec 23 2008 4:27 pm

    I think the city would reinstate stoning as an acceptable form of punishment.

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