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January 3, 2009 / merlisser

Totally awesome videos … again

Yeah I know Usain Bolt got criticism for dancing and celebrating before he even crossed the finish line of his 100 meter dash but dammit, the man can run.

Kathy Griffin is so wrong yet so right.

Chris Rock is talking about racism and making me bust a gut from laughing.

Dave Chappelle is talking about racial differences. I was reminded of this today when my friend mentioned giving her kids “grape drink.”

Here’s a very rare tape of Anne Sexton reading “Her Kind”

This is a recording of Sylvia Plath reading “Daddy” with a video of photos over the audio. Her voice sounds like my stereotypical “Snotty girl” voice. That amuses me greatly. For some reason, I always thought she had a higher pitched voice.

This is the Benjamin Button trailer. I’m going to go see this which is why you got some videos instead of an actual written entry.

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