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January 14, 2009 / merlisser

There is good in the world

I love taking pictures. You can see to the right that I have a flickr account and quite a few photos uploaded over there. I also have shoeboxes full of photos from the predigital photo era of my life: cute toddler pics with my brother, high school, college party pics, and other assorted adventures.

So you can imagine my surprise when while standing in line to pay for gas at EZ Mart, a lady from the revenue office comes up to me and asks, “Did you lose a camera? My brother found a camera in front of your office yesterday.”

“um really. Well my camera is a Kodak” I look in my purse. I don’t see it.
“The first picture that should pop up on the screen is a picture of some food.”
“I don’t know. Let me ask him.”
She gets her cell phone out and asks him. And yes, it’s a picture of “some stew” (well I guess if you’re not acquainted with Indian food, tikka masala would look like some stew.)

I had no idea the camera was missing?! DAMN Y’all!

He asks if I’m going to be in my office the next day around 5:30. He shows up. I pull out some cash for a reward and he says “no need” and walks off.

That was a Kodak 8 mpg cam with zoom lens. He could have gotten a hundred dollars for it easy.

Now to be fair, the world isn’t a perfect place because when I got the camera back, the two gb card that was in the camera was out and the 256 card was in. He had looked through all my pictures. Good thing I didn’t have any “extra special late night guest” photos on that thing. Whew.


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  1. Hilary / Jan 16 2009 12:58 pm

    I can’t believe he looked at all of your photos!! I’m going to tell myself it was because he was looking for something that would identify you or where you live so he could return it.

  2. Melissa / Jan 16 2009 3:38 pm

    yeah. Well I originally asked if the first photo was one of food which opened the door but man I can’t believe he went through the trouble to take out the one card and put the other one in.

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