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January 27, 2009 / merlisser

The Ice Storm

Ice 992

Originally uploaded by Arkansas farmboy

Arkansas doesn’t really get that cold. Most of the time the weather is above freezing and every once in a while it will dip below freezing at night time. We rarely get snow and when we do it rarely last longer than 24 hours before it melts away. If there is a form of cold precipitation to be had, it’s going to be an ice storm.

The state is currently under state of emergency due to an ice storm. The northern part of the state is all icy with a thousands of people out of power. So far three people have died and there is a six vehicle pile up on the interstate (four tractor trailer rigs and two cars).

Fortunately where I live has merely been cold but without much rain and nothing much to freeze up. IN fact, it was so wet that my cat fell into the drainage ditch and is now all sopping wet. He is now very cranky but sitting in front of the heater to get warm and dry out. He’s a smart kitty that way.

When he’s very cold, he’ll sit so close to the heater that I’m afraid he’s going to singe some of his hair.

I have a business engagement scheduled in one of the towns that has ice. I keep calling every morning to confirm whether or not I am to drive six hours to make this meeting or no. Yes it’s a pain in the ass. Not nearly as much as a pain in the ass as having no power in below freezing temperatures but a small pain in the ass nonetheless.

One of my friends has a tree that is slowly losing its limbs one by one and he’s panicing that sooner or later, one of those limbs is going to hit his house and cause damage.

So now I sit inside, write letters that I’ve been needing to write and wait to see what I am going to do for the rest of the week.

Stay safe and keep warm everybody.

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