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April 8, 2009 / merlisser

Things in the near future that make me happy like a kid in a candystore.

  • After reading this post about the crazy workouts that Madonna and Gwenyth endure to stay movie star thin, I’m not feeling so bad about the chub right now. Two hours a day. That’s a part time job.
  • Riverfest! is coming in six weeks. The B-52s. Willie Nelson! My guess is that they will be playing at the same time to cause me to rue the lack of cloning technology in 2009. This is a fun event and worth the road trip if you live somewhere not so close.
  • Memphis in May is also coming. Can you tell I like live music? Just a little bit? Steve Miller Band, Katy Perry, The Cult, Al Green, Korn and George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.. Oh and did I mention there was BBQ? Uh huh.
  • OLD 97s in TULSA
  • Macarthur Park 5K. Someone left the cake in the rain! oops I’ll shut up now.
  • Arkansas Literary Festival. Books books and more books. Oh and David Sedaris is coming to read in October. Yeah I know what I said about his latest book. I’m still going to be there.
  • Arkansas Shakespeare theater presents Boondogs. Raffles. I love the Boondogs.

So yes there’s a lot to do and see. Fun times hanging out with friends are a coming.

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