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April 24, 2009 / merlisser

TV angst, running, and mishmash.

I had a feeling from watching Chuck that the producers were pushing the show in a position where if it was canceled that it would be seen as tying up some loose ends. Of course, my gut was right and there is talk about the show being canceled. .

What the? Chuck is a hilarious show. It has better ratings than Gossip Girl.

So runners. I have noticed the trend of skirts. I found these from OldNavy. Are they helpful? One of my problems as an overweight runner trying to become regular weight through running is that my thighs rubbing together produces this awful friction type burn. It seems similar to carpet burn but it’s your own skin rubbing against each other. It’s horrible. There is Body Glide which is amazing for this problem. There’s also Vaseline but that’s sticky.

Leggings or bicycle pants type capris have always been an alternative that takes care of that problem but then you have the problem of your butt feeling all exposed to the world and if you’re a larger person, you’re not exactly wanting your butt doing that. I’m wondering if these would be a good purchase.

I haven’t kept track of my running. I know I do it and my nikeipod thing keeps track of it but I couldn’t tell you how often I run. I have an idea how far I go each time but past that I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m getting health benefits. l? Hcdoing that

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