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April 26, 2009 / merlisser

weirdest dream

I dreamed that I went to the screen door of my house and let my cats in. Unfortunately, there were three cats and I only had two. The third cat made it in the house and for whatever reason, I let it stay in. I then lied down to take a nap. Tuffy likes to sleep on an ottoman in the living room. Tiny likes to sleep with me. This other cat wanted to sleep on the bed too. They proceeded to get in a fight across my stomach. The other cat ended up scratching me on the face. I cursed and threw him outside.

Apparently, throwing this particular cat was the wrong thing to do because the next thing I know there is a multitude of hissing cats clawing their way through the screen door.

I try to scream but can’t.

Then there is a break and I’m asleep alone in another bed that isn’t mine. I’m in an appartment and I’m not on the first floor. Someone breaks in the window. I try to scream but can’t. This guy comes in my apartment. He then tries to smother me with my own pillow. I keep trying to scream but can’t.

I managed to wake myself up at the freakiness of it.

And now I am procrastinating going back to bed by farting around on the internet.

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