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May 9, 2009 / merlisser

Snippet of the day

Last night, I got pulled over by my local town’s law enforcement. I had pulled a “California rolling stop” as opposed to actually stopping at the stop sign and my rear brake light was out. I didn’t know my brake light was out. THANKS Officer.

So he asks for my license and proof of insurance and I give it to him.

He looks at my license and proceeds to talk to the person at the station via walkie talkie.

This is Officer. … I got a License with 873.. oops.

He begins to laugh. My license number has none of those numbers.

He starts again. He gets the second number wrong. By this point, he’s about to totally lose it and giggle like a kid who farted in church. He calms himself down and starts reading my license number. He gets the fourth number wrong and starts laughing again.

“Lady, I’m just going to let you go. Get that light fixed as soon as possible, OKay.”

“Okay officer”

If I had been laughing like that, I would have been on the sidewalk saying my “ABC’s backwards while touching my nose”

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