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May 16, 2009 / merlisser


I’m feeling rundown. I have something. No blogging, as little work as possible, and sleeping/no sleeping. Maybe I got too many toxins in my system. Maybe I need one of those colon cleanses. Oh yeah, nothing like self induced diarrhea to make everything ALL BETTER. Seriously.

The bad part is that I am missing the Filmfest and the Greek Food Fest. I don’t feel like driving 90 miles to participate. If I lived in LR or a lot closer, I would have probably stopped by both of these events. I definitely could have slugged myself to a movie. Hrmmm… Thoughts on moving and relocating.

Good stuff.

Coldplay is giving out free downloads of their music here.

The new Green Day album is out.

I got sucked into this game called Metropolis on Facebook. You build a city from scratch.

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