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June 5, 2009 / merlisser

This bugs me.

Okay I know that this NaBloPoMo thing for June has a theme of heroes. I guess I’ll say that my hero is someone more laid back than me. More specifically, someone who didn’t get annoyed about this. One one level, it seems fairly petty and on another level, it doesn’t. So hear me out.

I originally got this from
Blake’s Think Tank

John Brummett writes a blog and today, he met a female known in the blogosphere as “Arkansas Project Girlfriend” as indicated in the post below.

Oh, and P. S., since cross-referencing and cross-pollination seem to be the essence of local blogging — Afterward a perfectly normal-looking and nice-seeming young woman introduced herself to me as the “Arkansas Project girlfriend.” In case you don’t know, former Katherine Harris/Asa Hutchinson aide David Kinkade operates a consistently funny, sometimes mean, sporadically informative and often bikini model-adorned blog at, and there he sometimes invokes some semi-charming anecdote involving the “Arkansas Project girlfriend,” a fictional character, I always assumed, on account of his being a lonely misfit blogger.

bwahahhaha yeah making jokes about people having “imaginary girlfriends” is funny. IN JUNIOR HIGH! Seriously, who does that?

John Brummett’s entire criticism of blogs is regarding journalistic credibility, ethics, and professionalism. By implying that someone is too ugly, dorky, mis-fity, mean, etc. to not have a “real girlfriend” and resort to writing about an “imaginary” girlfriend, John Brummett has lowered himself to a tactic that most people outgrow by the time they graduate junior high school.

The other issue that bugs me is that Arkansas Project Girlfriend doesn’t have a blog. She doesn’t really participate in theblog. She isn’t even pictured in the blog. With the exception of a few mentions here and there, she’s not really in the blog at all. I’m fairly certain she has nothing to do with the writing or the content of the “mean” blog. So I think that taking a dig at her is off limits. It’s similar to people talking smack about Chelsea Clinton being ugly when they have problems with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Arkansas Projectiwas pretty blase about it except to mention that now his girlfriend doesn’t like Brummet either.

So today, the folks at the Arkansas Project are my heroes. There you go.

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