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July 2, 2009 / merlisser

July goals and listy fresh.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”


I like this particular quote. It is something that I try to keep in mind in my daily dealings with people. Everybody has something going on in their lives.

Okay obviously I screwed up the National Blog Posting Month quest for last month. I think I posted the least amount I have posted since I started up this thing. The theme for July is ROUTINE. So I will post SOMETHING! every day for this month. It might just be a photo but dammit. I like to set goals and achieve them.

I have managed to miss a bit of blogging topics so you will get the list with the small topics.

  1. Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s Thriller came out when I was 10 so I am the generation that pretty much grew up with Michael Jackson. I ate all of it up. I liked the Beat It Jacket and the moonwalk. I learned the Thriller dance. There for a while. Michael Jackson was it in my little preteen world. Also, one of his Aunts and some cousins lived in the town where I grew up. He was a genius. Also, I think he could serve as a cautionary tale about children being entertainers and working in a very adult industry. He’s a cautionary tale about child abuse. He’s also all about the music itself. Much like any other human being on the planet, he’s a bunch of contradictions balled up into one mass of energy.
  2. I’m considering getting a bike. I love running but I have fears about my joints. I like exercising outside.
  3. I got an email today that registration for the Little Rock Marathon has opened up for the 2010 marathon. Contemplating it. One of my life goals is to finish a marathon and I have already done the half there. It is hilly. Hrmm..
  4. Remember Reality Bites. Well the apartment is for sale.
  5. Yes I attended went to Hot Springs to attend the Bar Meeting. It was focused on technology which was real cool. It felt like an infomercial in the sense that all the folks talking about technology were also consultants or had technology products for lawyers. (yeah you see where this is going). I met a lot of people and overall it was a positive experience. Oh and my car broke down and I got to shell out four hundred dollars to get it fixed. Yeah that part sucked.
  6. OH yeah Blake of “Blake’s Think Tank” got engaged to Jessica Dean of Choose Your News on Channel 7 fame. Congrats guys.
  7. Rex Nelson talks about how to save the Delta

    Nelson argued that it doesn’t make sense for governments to perpetuate numerous small communities from a bygone era that were once home to hundreds of share croppers and boasted thriving commerce, but that are nearly empty today and are lucky to have a convenience store.

    “To be quite honest, there isn’t much reason for those communities to exist any more,” he said, adding that by propping up these tiny communities, “the government is sustaining misery” while wasting millions of dollars in public resources that could be directed elsewhere.

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