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July 19, 2009 / merlisser

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

yes America, I went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I read the book back in the day but I haven’t reread it since. I do, however, remember quite a bit of the plot. Let’s say that I remember enough to know what was going to happen but not enough to get pissy about the things left out.

This is the movie that starts right after the confrontation between Harry and he who must not be named himself Voldemort in the Goblet of Fire. Harry hangs out at the Weasleys. They start school and Malfoy looks like he’s up to no good. This time, it looks like he’s really really up to no good. What is he doing? Also, the whole gang has discovered the opposite sex and crushes abound. This is Harry Potter: teen angst version.

This movie is darker than the previous Potter films, as it should be. Dumbledore asks Harry to get close to the new potions teacher to find out some dirt on a former student. Dumbledore is away on his own doings trying to take down the death eaters. There are mysterious conversations regarding Snape.

So. The movie is quite a fun ride. Some of the plot lines in the book were more subtle than the movie version especially the romantic plot lines of Ron, Hermoine, and Harry.

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