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October 30, 2009 / merlisser

Friday List of love

it’s been a while. Work has picked up. I have cooties or some type of flu. I’m even missing the free flu shots due to my ability to hock up things that look more appropriate in an Exorcist remake.

  • Yes I have decided to do the Little Rock Half Marathon again. It should be a hoot. This time I will do more hill training and kick some bootay.
  • Speaking of Bootay, this post involving waxing from Four Jugs is all kinds of wrong. I mean WRONG. IF you heard the screaming from my computer, you would have thought I was watching that blasted Two Girls One Cup video.
  • Other booty related thoughts. I want to cover my booty in these cute running skirts. . There are some more running skirts on this page. Oh they are cute.
  • The Allen House is giving its annual Halloween tours this weekend. OOOOOH spooky. They had paranormal investigators come in and ooh.

That’s all my sick self can do right now.

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