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November 15, 2009 / merlisser

Gobblers, Little Giblets and plans gone awry

I intended to do many things this weekend. For example, I intended to attend this conference on Friday. I didn’t attend due to my wonderful clock setting skills which confused AM with PM. I woke up at 10 a.m. all warm and fuzzy and then shouted words that would embarrass my mother. Since the conference itself was in Little Rock and I live a good two hours away…. well, you do the math.

I really wanted to listen to programs on how poor people aren’t getting proper legal services. As a person who has consistently worked and interned in public defender’s offices, I know how the poor live and I heard about all the struggles to get basic necessities. It’s hard to go to a job interview if you don’t even have metro fare.

I ended up commisserating by watching Dexter episodes on DVD. I’m not sure why watching serial killers cheers me up but it always does.

My original plans were to go to the conference, stay the night in a hotel, and then run the Great Gobbler/Little Giblets 5K in Maumelle on Saturday morning. Well that went to hell, so I decided to get up early and drive to Maumelle from my house in SE Arkansas. So I did just that.

I get to the race site and go for my purse and realize that I had left my purse in SE AR. !*&)(^&)^^%!!! somehow I had left my checkbook in my car. No I don’t know either and am completely embarassing myself by confessing my flightiness to the public at large. It did end up saving my ass later because I was able to buy a Walmart gift card to pay that I could use in the gas station to get gas to come home.

So the race itself. I had not run since the great rain of 2009. I am a wuss about getting wet and this was my first real run since then. Also, the route had an incline. I knew it was going to be a slow time. It was. Average page was 15:32 AND 48:10.29 OVERALL. OUCH! that’s slow. It’s my slowest time ever.

Well progress is always one step at a time.

OH and if you’re fat and don’t want to exercise or race because people will laugh at you, get over it. People who laugh at others are retarded.


I met my friends John and Rebecca. Rebecca was running the race also. Here’s her picture. I went to undergrad with John way back in the day. Back in the day, he was a big cool senior who ran the radio station and I was a big dorky freshman. They were meeting some other friends and had brunch after the race. I had some spicy chorizo that burned my whole entire mouth. OOH CALIENTE indeed. Of course, I asked where he got it.

I finally (and I do mean finally) got to meet the beautiful and funny Sophie. Sophie is four. I asked her if she was running the Little Giblets 1K. She responded, “I am running zero K” Yeah that kid knows what’s going on. If I had any inkling that I could produce a kid as awesome as Sophie, I’d put a bun in my oven today. Unfortunately, I think I would produce a kid more like that kid who wanted to do “hood rat stuff with his friend”

I also saw my friend Ken from undergrad. He was Jennybee’s boyfriend back then. His son was indeed running the 1K. His name is Beckett and he is 3. Yes he is cute. His parents adopted him from Vietnam which is an awesome story in and of itself. [aside, isn’t “in and of itself” the most redundant pretentious phrase in the English language. I can’t believe I just used it in an sentence] Yeah they blogged about it over here. I hadn’t seen him in years.

THEN, I met some more friends for lunch at Panera. Here’s a picture of that. We also managed to raise money for a Shelter. Yee haww.

Even though I had many very definite plans for this weekend. I was able to adjust and still have fun. Life is about making memories and the relationships you have with other people. This weekend was definitely for the memory books.

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