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February 20, 2010 / merlisser

Sometimes I make stuff up to make people laugh.

I love being funny. I love making people laugh. I’m not sure where this urge came from because when I was a child, I was extremely shy and didn’t like attention at all. I learned at some point that I can be funny and make people laugh and so now I have the urge to do it more than is necessarily proper.

So here is a time when it probably was proper. I was making up this stuff as I was going along. Some would say it’s a gift from God. Others might say I have the Devil in me. So here goes.

So I met this guy in a bar. Okay it wasn’t like that but it was a bar in Little Rock and I met him. So here’s how it went. I’m changing the person’s name to “Dude.” The conversation went something like this.

Dude: Have I seen you somewhere before?

me: I don’t know? Have you?

Dude: I swear I have. Do you live here?

me: no but I do visit quite often. I like live music.

Dude: oh that might be where. I go out a lot. (proceeds to mention bars)

me: yeah I’ve been there once or twice.

Dude: I’ve a little drunk right now.

me: yeah a little. I can tell. You’re animated but you’ll remember everything the next morning. One more drink and you’re making ridiculously bad decisions that you’ll remember. You’ll be calling your friend, “I can’t believe you let me go home with her. I thought you were my friend. What’s wrong with you?”

At this point, Dude begins to crack up and almost falls on the floor laughing.

Dude: that happened to me last week

Me: really. Happens to the best of us. But seriously. What kind of wingman is that? That’s a broken wingman. He’s supposed to make you look good to the hotties and block you from the notties. Broken wingman.

Dude: haaaa broken wingman..

Me: If his taste are that off from yours, you can do him a favor and give all of your ‘notties” his phone number.

Dude: (laughing… almost choked on his drink…. more laughing. then he gets real quiet) ooooh that’s a good one.

Me: Yep that’s right. Give them his number. He’ll think about the consequences of his actions in the future. umm hmmmm.

I have no idea. I was making it up as I was going along. I was fueled by the laughter.

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