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Who is this chick anyway?

My name is merlisser.

I’m female.

I’m 30something and I’m awesome,

I’m an attorney. Yes I graduated from law school. Here’s a picture.


The fascinating part of that picture is that I’m 5’10” and was wearing 3 inch heels. Ms. Reno was wearing flats. Yeah, that’s a tall woman.

Me in Kenya (1994)

I even went to Kenya to help build a school with some college classmates of mine.

I have two cats and am “Godmother” to the most awesome bichon frise EVER!
Tiny Toots


The door

I like running, movies, books, goofiness, opera, piano playing, tasty food, yoga. and posting random stuff on this blog. I’ve posted something on the internet in some form or other since 2000.

I hate snobbery, elitism, iceberg lettuce, boiled okra (it looks like boggers), screeching tires, and bullying.

I have a 100 things about me post. Go read that.

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